In Memory of Aziz (1902-1998)

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2008 June 21 - Noosha got married! (Gallery)

2008 Mar 9 - R.I.P., our beloved Uncle Ali. Tribute, Photos.

2005 Aug 6 - Family Party at Ghofrany's (upload or email your own)

2005 Aug 1 - Upload Page is back, but this time with password protection. Let us know if you have trouble.

July 28 - if you have pictures, stories and links you'd like to contribute, just email them to

July 22 - Noosha is going to take part in October in her first Marathon, to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

20 July - Farshad's family recently visited London, and they got to meet Uncle Ali.

Family Gallery contains pictures of Aziz's descendants, as well as comments made by the family members about those pictures.

John Ali and Alexander Ernest to Nushin and Justin (Aziz->Fereshteh->Nushin->John+Alexander)

Aidan Smart to Roxanne and Ted (Aziz->Mahmood->Roxanne->Aidan)

Cameron Nayeri to Farshad and Lauren (Aziz->Fatemeh->Shahnaz->Farshad->Cameron)

Of Spices and Fragrances by Aunti Hallie.

An Uneventful Trip to the Bazaar by Aunti Hallie tells the story of Aziz's visit to her and Uncle Mahmood's house in 1951.

An Eventful Night by Uncle Mahmood

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